Cerakote Application

Cerakote is the toughest most durable spray applied coating for the firearm industry and beyond. This is the same materials that comapnies such as SIg and Colt have come to rely on straight from the factory. When looking to enhance the looks and protection of your firearm no other material is tested or proven as well as Cerakote. P2Coatings has been factory trained by cerakote to insure the very best quailty of application.  P2Coatings takes this a step further in combing our custom paint experience to give exactly the look you want. We have the ability to provide custom designs  with more detail and accuracy than other applicators while maintaining the quality you expect.

Cerakote is available in a rainbow of colors and can also be custom mixed to your needs. Click here to go to their galleryof colors, if you would like a closer look request a free swatch and one will be mailed to you. We stock several colors and can have any color you choose in short order.

Below are a sample of the rigorous testing performed to demonstrate the abilities of Cerakote. No other Firearm coating has put the numbers  on the table like Cerakote. Click on a thumb nail below to open the results or see all of them including their Military and Law enforcement Coatingshere.

Custom Performance Intake & Exhaust Coatings

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P2Coatings offers several coatings that go beyond decoration and have a work horse purpose.  P2Coatings sticks to our core competency of custom coatings application. P2Coatings uses techniques gained in other areas to provide custome multi  color designs to your high heat parts. This may include custom logos or graphics to set you apart from the rest of the crowd.  Check here for color samples and order a free swatch to see for yourself.

Ceramic based exhaust coatings provide the ultimate coating for corrosion resistance through everyday extreme heat cycles.  Coatings survive temps that rival the base material and can be had in a variety of colors to match the rest of your project. Gone are the days of flaky header paint, discolored metal and rusty exhausts. Our materials come from the same manufacturer as our gun coatings in a variety of colors. They also go through many of the same and a few additional torture test.    See the Cerakote difference for yourself.

Custom Powder Coating ServicesType your paragraph here.

P2Coatings  provides the best quality in powder coat for your custom needs. Custom powder coating does not stop with just a fancy color. P2Coatings understands total part coverage, custom layedred graphics, stenciling, and design layouts that most  will swear to be spray on paints. If you are looking for ultra smooth finish in with the durability of powder we are the place for you. 

NIC Industries is our primary supplier and considered the House of Kolor in the powder world. With thousands of colors to choose from whether it be candies, chromes, metallics, pearls, solids or any combination of   we will provide you the look you have only dreamed of. 

​You can view the Prismatics color selection by clickinghere and ordering free swatches.

Water Transfer Printing

Water transfer printing goes by many names you may have heard before such as camo dipping, hydrographics, cubic printing yet it is the same process. and t

Water Transfer Printing is a process of applying ink designs to your product in a detailed manner that would otherwise be unaffordable or impossible to duplicate with painting techniques alone. This ink design is then topcoated in a clear that fits your product’s needs, whether it be UV, chemical, heat or abrasion protection. Every day you see products that have water transfer printing such as wood grain automotive pieces, camo guns and four wheelers etc. To learn more about how P2Coatings process and materials used click the link below or view the video to see how the ink is applied.

P2Coatings takes water transfer a step further by leveraging our knowledge of how different coatings interact we can apply this technique to powder coated items and protect with a powder coat clear. P2Coatings often uses Cerakote clear for heavy use items that need those attributes whether it be your hotrod wheels or camo shotgun. For the ultimate in customs looks we will even custom mix a base coat in powder or urethane paint depending on your needs.

As with any process performed at P2Coatings we only use the very best in professional materials and  tools in a controlled environment for the very best quality possible.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How can you provide so many types of coatings?

A: While the materials seem to really differ from one to another the process is the very similar. Your object to be coated must first be preped to accept a coating and clean. This is universal for every substrate and process. The Hydrographics, Cerakote gun and high temp coatings all rely on spray gun control and technique that crosses over. Our baked finishes such as the gun coatings and powder coat are also very similar to setup proper finishes.

Q: How do these types of finishes all interact

A: Depending on the part to be coated it is possible to combine all or only a couple coatings eg. A wheel could be powder coated black in the center and left chrome on the lip. The center could then have a carbon fiber hydrographic print applied to the black powder coat. A custom logo could be stenciled in with either powder of another color or paint and then cleared with either a powder clear or for extra durability a Cerakote clear. Not everything has to be this complex but it is possible.

Q: What is the thickness of your coatings?

A: This really depends number of layers and materials used. Cerakote is the most thin and is applied to all gun parts except springs and inside of gun barrels. 

The Hydrographics are essentially just ink that etches into the base layer of paint and then require a clear top coat. Depending on protection needed or aesthetics needed this could be 1 to 4 mils. Gun internal would not be coated

Q: How heat resistant are your materials.

A: Cerakote gun coatings 800* F 

      Cerakote High Temp Coatings 1800 + 

      Hydrographics and Powder Coat are good for 400* F  (motor blocks, valve covers semi auto rifle barrels do well)

Q: What materials can you apply your coatings

A: Hydrographics = Must survive paint and water immersion (wood, plastic, metal, glass)

      Cerakote = There are both air cure and baked options. (wood, metal, plastic, glass)

      Powdercoat = Metal and survive 400*F

Q: How shiny are your finishes

A: We can apply low or high gloss versions of Cerakote, Powder Coat and Hydrographics. Powder coat and               Hydrographic items can be cut and buffed to show car shine.

Q: What are other uses for your coatings

A: Cerakote clears do well on polished items you no longer wish to continually polish such as auto or bike engine parts or wheels.

Powder coat is great for to spruce up accessories around the home or garden

Hydrographics are not just for cars and guns. Water transfer printing has the ability to give a unique look to trophies or home accessories such as wood grain light switch covers  fixtures.

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