Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do prices vary between applicators?

A: Important Questions to ask of the applicators in your area that contribute to product quality may include: Is work performed in professional facilities that maintain control of temperature, humidity and airborne contamination?  Are the applicators trained and certified by the manufacturers and distributors of their products? Does the staff have a formal education and understanding of the processes? Do they use the same materials that are recognized by the industry as the very best? Do they track pertinent data such as viscosity, cure times, humidity and temperature for each job to insure constant improvement or understanding if something does go wrong? Is your local applicator Licensed, Bonded, or Insured should anything happen while your items are in their care?    

Q: What do you do to keep pricing as low as possible?

A: P2Coatings maintains more than a customer number relationship with the manufacturers and purchase in bulk?  

P2Coatings works in an assembly line fashion due to the similarities of processes. 

P2Coatings has invested in commercial grade equipment, chemicals and staff to minimize touch time to insure repeatable performance.

Q: What do I need to provide as a customer?

A:  It is most helpful to have a color chosen and a sketch or picture  of what you would like. We are always available for consultation as to which coating and limitations would work best for your application?

Q: I saw something on the internet, can you make mine just like that or with a twist?

A: This is what we specialize in. save the link and picture of what you found and send it to us. We will work up a process to achieve what you desire.

Q: Why do powder coat prices very from one shop to another?. 

A: Because we typically go a step further and include additional coats for added protection or spend time in between to improve surface finish. We are the applicator of choice when you look to make a statement. 


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OEM or Volume Customers

Please contact us for directly for pricing of your needs. 

$125 ea

$125 pair

$125 pair



Valve Covers

Fuel Rail Covers

Coil Pack Covers


918 740 0972









Whole bow (compound)





Elk Skull

Deer Skull

Small SkullCompound


Complete Rifle

Rifle Stock

Thumb hole Stock

Barrel and Action


Complete ShotgunCom

Shotgun StockShotgun 

Barrel and Action

Barrel Action Mag Tube

Complete AR

Upper and Lower Receiver

Upper Receiver

​Lower Receiver

Handguard (smooth)

Handguard (tactical or rail type)

A2 Stock

Tactical Stock (multi position)



Charging Handle


AR Package (stock, grip, handguard, 2 mags)

Complete Auto Pistol

Pistol Slide

Auto pistol frame

Pistol Grips

Complete Revolver

Frame Only 

Revolver Cylinder




Scope Rings Base

Cerakote -- Watertransfer Printing services -- High Temp -- Powdercoat

Pricing is currently the same for all processes as the prep is identical. Pricing is listed under the assumption that your parts are degreased disassembled. Items that must be disassembled, cleaned or bodywork will be charged for the time taken at our shop rate of $65 an hour.

Work not listed below will generally be quoted at $ .50 per square inch for smaller items and price break given for simplicity. There is a $70 minimum. For large objects custom paint (pearls, candies, extensive masking, etc.) please call or send pictures in email for a quote. Due to our advanced masking techniques and technology custom work is automated and can be performed at a substantial savings.

Firearm Accessories


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