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Hydrographic or Dipping Patterns

P2Coatings can apply nearly any pattern you may have seen even if you do not know the name. There is a small number of distributors of film and we order from all of them.  Due to the rapid pace of which new films are brought to market we have provided links below to popular sources to use in addition to our galleries above.

Powder coating has long been known for durability and protection. At P2Coatings we step it up a notch with good looks that rival custom automotive finishes.

A sampling of Cerakote work. From Automotive to firearms and accessory in between.

If you are looking to make a statement no better way than some of the custom art work or carbon fiber treatment

Our arsenal of customization tools now includes laser engraving of painted surfaces, glass, some plastics and wood.  We can also mark or precision coat metals.

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These are just a sampling of our work. We are always looking for a new challenge and ready to help your project. Click any of the individual buttons to view galleries by topic. If you do not see what you are looking for contact us to discuss how we may meet your need. 


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