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P2Coatings provides the Quality and Knowledge when you have a coating need.

P2Coatings is a  Principal based company so that all interactions are fulfilling for both parties.

P2Coatings provides Honest service  your project is as important to you as it is to us.

P2Coatings provides Time by answering your questions, doing the job right the first time and getting your product to you defect free.

P2Coatings provides Urgency because we want your business.

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P2Coatings maintains a ISO/AS9100 based quality system across the entire line of services. Therefore you have a piece of mind when you mount those custom wheels, or drag your weapon through the field .


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Committed to providing you unmatched service, so you always choose us for your coating needs.


P2Coatings is more than a dipping shop or decorator.  P2Coatings has an engineering staff with a background in aviation coatings applications.  Every product brought into our facility is evaluated and prescribed a processing plan to maximize the materials compatibility so that it not only looks great but holds up to the abuses of heat, moisture, abrasion and UV.


Our team is made up of hot rod and custom enthusiasts.  As hot rod enthusiasts ,we understand the need to maintain a budget and timeline while providing a unique look that is one of a kind.

Our commitment to our customers is more than passion.  With more than 30 years of professional experience in the commercial and military aviation industry focused on metal finishing and corrosion protection.  We are bringing the same lessons learned to the hydrographics and custom coating business to insure our customers get the best product possible.  With an ISO/AS9100 based quality system and programs for continuous improvement and lean operations P2Coatings will have your answer.